Servicing – Our Policy

Audi Quattro S2 - Engine block during a rebuild

Servicing your vehicle…

All services at Church Road Garage are undertaken to a Standard Service Schedule as a minimum. In addition to this any manufacturer’s service requirements for the mileage or age of the vehicle are also included.

When changing engine oil and filter we use a quality flushing agent added to the old oil and circulated before draining. This is used to remove deposits, varnish and laquer build up in modern engines before the oil is changed thus ensuring the efficiency of turbos,Variable Valve Timing (VVT) systems, Hydraulic Valve Lifters etc.

In addition we always use a fuel (Diesel or Petrol) treatment as we have tested these products ourselves by analysing engine efficiency before and after use and can report a marked improvement.

This is preventative maintenance in order to maximise the life of expensive components like Lambda sensors, EGR valves, injectors, variable vane turbo’s, catalytic converters etc.

Click here for more information on the current range of treatment products we use.

Modern engines rely on the correct specification of oil which has also seen substantial technological changes. Ten years ago we only stocked 2 common grades now we stock 7 from the leading local supplier Morris Lubricants . It is essential to use the correct grade, specification and quantity when replacing the engine oil. This to maximise component life preventing catastrophic failure and maintaining the manufacturers warranty.


Please ensure the following when leaving your vehicle for service. It is helpful to leave these on the front passenger seat if possible

  1. WHEEL NUT LOCKING KEY (If fitted) !!!

  2. Your vehicles Manual ( For Stamping the Service Record )

  3. Any Previous Service History ( If the vehicle is not known to us )

  4. Keys and/or Immobilisers

  5. So we can contact you ( E-Mail or SMS preferred ) for any approval or problems please ensure our contact details are current ( E-Mail, Mobile, Skype or Instant Messaging ID’s, Daytime Telephone No. )

Bill Smith – Baschurch ( BaschurchBill )