Cam Belts

The Cam Shaft operates the valves


We don’t like being alarmist, but cam belt failure is pretty serious stuff and something you really don’t want to happen.

If yours goes it can mean the end of the road for the engine or even cost more to fix than the car is worth.

Vehicle manufacturers set recommended intervals at which they should be changed, generally along with the rollers that guide & tension the belt around the front of the engine.

If they are not changed at the recommended intervals they do go, often with catastrophic damage to the engine, not to mention the inconvenience of being stranded by the roadside.

Over time and mileage the rubber deteriorates: it’s not just through wear, but rain, salt, heat, ice, grit and even the air itself eat away at the rubber and it can suddenly snap, without warning.

Typical Cam Belt

The recommended change interval will be time and mileage based and different for different makes and models – we can tell you what is recommended for your car.

The cost of changing these components varies enormously and can sometimes appear expensive but essential if you do not want to compromise the reliability of your car. On certain vehicle models we would also advise on examining other components like the water pump with a view to replacing these at the same time. This is primarily aimed at saving the labour costs of replacing these components separately.

Please contact us us and ask for advice or an estimate.

Bill Smith – Baschurch ( BaschurchBill )