Mazda MX5 – Linkage

2007 Mazda MX5

Anti Roll Bar Linkage

This 07, 21,000 mile Mazda had its first MOT and was found to have broken anti roll bar linkages. The ball joints are fitted with a plastic cup with four plastic pins on its base. These locate through four holes in the linkage cup at each end and are “heat riveted” over !!!

As seen below the ball joints had broken free of the linkage bar. A bit of a weak design fault we think.

9 thoughts on “Mazda MX5 – Linkage”

  1. This has just happened to my wifes Mx5 Sport 07 at 22,500 miles. EMG at Cambridge repaired it under warranty but will it happen again?

  2. In exactly the same way as described above our 2007 MX5 2Litre sport coupe with less than 6000 miles on the clock has had to have both linkages replaced for its m.o.t. and having read the design description above I can’t say I am surprised. it does not fill you full of confidence that they will last.

  3. Same here, first MOT failure @ 5 year anniversary.
    Mk3, 39,000 miles.
    Wonder if this is something addressed on the revised Mk3

    Still, a very reliable vehicle overall.

  4. Same for me with our 56 plate Sport – this has now caused two consecutive year MOT failures and is simply not acceptable as a known design fault should surely be remedied by the manufacturer.

  5. My wife’s MX5 1800cc Sport has just had this happen to her car after having steering & geometry checked a month ago. Strange !!!!

  6. MX5 Sports 2 litre 2007, failed MOT after 20,000 miles anti roll bar linkage, gutted, the car apart from the failure looks brand new, always kept in the garage, still a brilliant car. But this appears to be a common fault and MOT failure.

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