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Golden Garages Competition

Church Road Garage has reached the regional finals of the Golden Garage competition in 2010,2010 & 2012! Voted to this position by our valued customers. Voting in the regional finals of the 2012 competition finishes on the 22nd April.  If you haven’t voted please vote for us and encourage friends and colleagues to vote to.  Follow this link where you will find us at the top of  the midlands region list.

Audi A3 – Aircon Pump

Audi A3 - Air Conditoning Compressor Electrical Connector

The Air conditioning was not working on this 2003 Audi A3. Diagnostics revealed that the Air Conditioning compressor was not operating.

Careful investigation revealed that although the switch, fuses and relay were OK the electrical feed was still not getting through to the compressor.

The fault was traced to the feed cable close to the plug that connects to the compressor itself on the front left hand underside of the car.  The insulation had been damaged for some time thus exposing the copper strands to the elements. These corroded eventually breaking the electrical circuit.

This was simply repaired by a soldered joint finished with heat shrinkable sleeving over it. The image shows the cable ends prepared prior to the spliced joint being made.